Who We Are

Old Net Shed

The Friends Executive Committee

  • President – Leslie Ransom
  • Vice-President – Francis Richardson
  • Secretary – Susanne Wussow
  • Treasurer – James Brown
  • Membership Coordinator – Karen Trusler
  • Promotions & Publicity Coordinators – Paul Wehrle & Mary-Louise Craven
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Rosemary Palmer
  • Net Shed Book Coordinator – Chris Richardson
  • Member-at-large/Web support – Robert Richardson
  • Past President – Incumbent has resigned
  • Library Representative – Ashley Trusler

The Net Shed

Located at the corner of Bayfield & Collingwood Streets, on Meaford harbour, the Net Shed sells gently-used books from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving. Have books to donate?  Contact Chris at: netshedcoordinator@gmail.com

Sunday Concert Series

During the months of July & August the Friends holds concerts at the Rotary Harbour Pavilion.  Bring a lawn chair and listen to local talented musicians.  Admission is by donation.    

The Concert coordinator is asking for some volunteer help with continuing our concert series.  The coordinator has been handling all of the concert work until now but needs some assistance for the coming year. This would include introduction of the performers and any necessary announcements, collecting the cash donations for handover to the FOML treasurer, checking that the venue is ready for the event and making sure everyone has left safely. when the concert is over.  If we had a small group of 6 or so volunteers, then 2 could attend each concert and give the coordinator a hand.  Please email Paul at pwehrle@1staccess.ca if you are interested.

Special Events

The Friends are proud to work with the Meaford Public Library in sponsoring the Library’s author series.  We also participate in other activities.  


We are all volunteers and members at the Friends. Become a member of the Friends – it’s only $5.00 per year. If you are interested, you can also volunteer some time. To join up contact Karen at friendsofmeafordlibrary@gmail.com

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you have suggestions for new activities that the Friends can undertake. You can reach us at: